Find Out Why Steam Machines Are Taking Over In Terms Of Games

By | August 4, 2014

When we compare a gaming PC with Xbox one or PlayStation 4, it’s like comparing heaven to earth. Gaming PCs have towers that take a high video memory as well as graphics that make the game’s details such as shadows, sunlight and smoke very scrupulous to make a console choke. Although PCs are very advantageous, they have their own demerits. Sometimes they become too hot, noisy and even some of them are too large to be kept in your living room. To avoid such disadvantages, you can turn your attention to steam machines which is a new model of computers in which you can play games directly from the console’s body.

It has boxes that control the steam’s OS such that it works as an interface to make buying and browsing games so easy. Apart from this, steam machines do have a top-shelf laptop graphics chip which is very powerful and has the ability to run for a longer time and still stay cool without the need of a fan. When we compare the console’s for PS4 and steamOS in terms of generation, the former belongs to a generation or two behind the latter.

Since all the systems have been set up, the only thing that is remaining to be delivered by steamOS is a world class game which is believed to be just around the corner. As per now, of all the 2900 titles of which steam owns licences, already 400 of them can now play on it which is as a result of its limiting Linux code. Lucky enough, the brain behind the Crysis series have vowed to include full Linux titles in all the upcoming titles which could also prompt other companies to do the same. Till that becomes fruitful, almost all the steam machine manufacturers will have to let their boxes run on both windows and steam as a temporal solution with an aim of holding onto their clients who play hard core games.