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Add the plugin to WordPress site

Gotcha ! I have plugin page on the WP site: Picasa Express x2. Thank you to this page almost automatically from the repository and have a lot of advantages like tracking system and updating from WordPress installation. I prefer to see you there time to time you can subscribe to RSS for the category.… Read More »

New version 1.1 | Picasa Express x2

Just release new version 1.1 Added: Remove STATIC should work with old PHP version. Optimize hooks and setting. Keep settings after deactivation. Change Picasa request method. Remove WP cache changes displayed immediately. Add sorting ( date, title and file name, asc and desc ) for images in the dialog in settings. Without sorting should be… Read More »

New version 1.3 of Picasa Express plugin for WordPress

Recently update version. WordPress MU support Now plugin works with sidewide activation. Other blogs in this case receive access to plugin and settings and able to configure parameters. In case of separate activation in the single blogs no different with common WordPress. Roles support Now you can define what roles can use the plugin. Internally… Read More »